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Jackson Unlimited assists new and existing nonprofit organizations champion for their cause by providing the knowledge and expertise needed to create a larger impact, achieve goals, and fulfill their mission. We are able to provide expert counsel and service in the following areas:

Strategy Development

A solid strategic plan is crucial to nonprofit organizations as they are a blueprint for what they hold themselves accountable for. Drawing from your mission and vision statements, Jackson Unlimited can assist you with creating a strategic plan by clarifying goals and formulating plans to reach them.

State and Federal Compliance

Nonprofits are required to meet all state and federal compliance regulations to receive and maintain tax-exempt status, which is critical to daily operations. Let us make sure your organization meets all criteria so you can focus on your mission.

Board Development and Governance

A working, functioning board is one of the most essential elements of a successful nonprofit organization. The board plays an active role in developing and supporting your organization. Jackson Unlimited is able to provide knowledge and tools that aid in the selection of qualified, diverse, and driven members of your board.

Program Development

As a nonprofit, your program will determine your impact. We can help with everything from defining and assessing program activities and impact to risk analysis and implementation.

“Nonprofits are the intermediaries between generosity and social change.” Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

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